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Terms & Conditions



License Agreement





In this license document “you” are the person agreeing to this license agreement. The term “software” refers to any and all files provided as a part of a project for use with Crestron hardware including, but not limited to: all automation processors, all network and ethernet devices, all wired and/or wireless touchpanels, as well as any future hardware that may support the use of these files. Included in this software, more specifically, is “Original Software Source Code”, which refers to original source code identified as Infusebox’s code.



Software Purpose and Authorized Use


The aim of this software is merely to improve convenience for the system user by allowing a Crestron automation system to remotely control an HAI security system’s arm and disarm and status-report functions.  We are not involved in looking after a user’s or their guests’ safety.



We provide the Original Software Source Code in module form to be added to your specific project code, doing so solely as necessary to program the system in order to maintain such convenience for the user.



Disclaimer of Warranties


This license is granted only “as is” with all faults. You bear any risk relating to the software quality and performance. We provide the software without warranty, either expressed, implied, or for merchantability, for fitness, or as to any particular purpose. We do not represent or warrant that the software is free from defects or bugs or that it or any program to be derived from it will operate without interruption. All risk as to the software quality and performance is with you. If the software proves to have defects, you and not we assume the cost of any necessary service or repair.



Liability Limitations


We shall not be liable to pay any consequential, incidental or indirect damages resulting for any defect in the software or to “cover” (buy a replacement) or be liable because of inadequate fire or intruder alarms or inadequate access to emergency services, or concerning any claim made by a third party. This applies even if we have reason to know such damages are possible.



Modification of Software


In no event will Infuse, Inc be liable for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages resulting from you editing the software in any manner. Except for connecting the Original Software Source Code to your project source code and using such code as expressly authorized above, you may not modify or compile the software in whole or part. You may not reverse engineer, translate, disassemble, or de-compile this software in whole or part.



IP Terms


You acknowledge: the software is the intellectual property of Infuse, Inc. and is protected by law, including United States copyright law. You agree to hold this software in trust for us and keep proper account of it.


You shall protect this property from disclosure and assure that no one shall use it for their own purposes, misuse it, change it, reverse engineer, transform or compile it, as to all or any part of it, except as authorized above.



License Grant


Here you are the licensee and we are the licensor. So long as you service the installations, there is no specific limit to the number of installations in which you may use this software. We grant you the nonexclusive license to use the software only in accordance with this license document. We keep the title to software and all copies. The software shall be used only with the described functions in the security system. This license shall automatically terminate if any substantial risk arises that you or anyone may breach any terms in this license document. You may not transfer this license agreement except that you may grant the system owner the nonexclusive license to the compiled code that results from your using the software as authorized. The system owner in turn shall keep such compiled code confidential and assure us that no one shall use it for their own purposes, misuse it, or reverse engineer it, as to all or any part. You and the system owner shall not otherwise transfer this license to others, and this license shall automatically terminate in the event of a transfer.


Upon termination of this license for any reason, you and the system owner shall return the software and the products thereof to us. All provisions relating to warranty disclaimer, liability limitation, remedies, or our proprietary rights shall survive termination.



Documentation; Performance


Any change to this document must be in writing signed by you and us. This document contains the complete and exclusive agreement between you and us concerning the software. There is no understanding, contract, representation, or warranty apart from this document. Failure by us to insist on any performance shall not prevent us from later insisting on performance. In any dispute concerning my firm’s rights and duties, the prevailing party shall be entitled to attorneys’ fees and related expenses.



Thank you for allowing us to be of service!



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